The chase.

I was as usual in my office cab trying to complete my sleep so that I don’t doze off at my desk. 

And there, with the sudden brake, my head hit the seat ahead of me. Thankfully I wasn’t sitting in the first and secondly, the seat wasn’t hard a hit. 

I patted my head as though nothing happened and tried to calm it. Never mind, I shifted my gaze towards the window and I saw a tall guy in maroon shirt running towards the bus.

I wanted to scream at him saying, ‘It is okay if you don’t get this bus. There will be another coming by, get into that.’ But, I didn’t, infact I was along with him chasing the bus, as if it was the only bus he could get to reach his destination.

It felt as if I was running too. It was 281K bus. I had no idea where that bus goes to. More than him, it felt as if I wanted him to get into the same bus. 

He ran, faster this time. With his office bag obstructing him from running any faster, he still was running. 

More than the chase, it was his intent to get the same bus that made me more curious. I could follow his chase only till the bus and my cab was in sync. 

I still don’t know, if or not he got into the bus, but one thing’s for sure. That bus really meant a lot to him.

Maybe, it was his interview day. Maybe, he had an important meeting to attend. And maybe, there was something life threatening if he hadn’t taken the bus.

Let’s wish him all well. 


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