Life inside those double quotes.

The other day, I was told, ‘Get a life!?’ I so wanted to hit back with a, ‘I am having one, ain’t I? Don’t I seem to be alive?’ but I rather did with, ‘Life, I am alive, as much’.

I was asked to get a life. 

When I thought over it for quite a while, I realised, life is, as we define it. 

And how do we happen to define it, is a question more than an answer. We have forgotten of things that mean to us. We have started paying all the attention to all the nonsense in the world. 

We get affected by all the rubbish that’s fed to us. Please. Please! Please, be sane. Sane enough to distinguish between what is sense and what isn’t. You don’t have to take in everything that comes your way.

You know what you are made of. You know what your up to. You know what could make the better you. Don’t let any other damn thing affect you, hinder you, distract you off the track that’s your way of reaching heights. 

Don’t get divulged if someone asks you to get a life. They don’t know what life means to you. Live life your way and not the way that others want you to.


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