The story of reset

When you have all your ways blocked and no where else to go, what do you do?

Anything but obvious, reset, restart and rework. Well, life isn’t that simple. It could seem difficult but not as bad as we think it to be.

The story of reset is one such, when you have something built and you are so very reluctant to let go of it.

But, then, life taunts you with situations. It shows you that how better it is to start over. All over again. And no, it isn’t an escape strategy. It is just a way of making you realise that the things that you are dependent on aren’t really the ones you need to pay attention to. Rather your attention needs to be on the dependency being redundant.

Well, one can’t be totally independent. There are lot of deciding factors and the pieces that build you. Make you, you.

What one needs to realise that is,things that make you could also break you, and if they break you it doesn’t mean that you can’t start again.

You can of course build yourself up and running again. One flash. One reset. A fresh start to things that seemed impossible to have lived without. 


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