Start of a new finish

We always think of the ways in which things could end. Of the many movies which we have watched, we always have wondered what if it had ended that way and how different it could have been if it had been that way.

Of the present, which you have some control of, you try to change it, at least to the extent that you still be the incharge to decide that dependables of the future. But, the question is, do we really have control of it? We think we do. Or maybe just that we blindly assume that we have but actually don’t.

Just a faint gaze at the past, you’ll realise that how you had planned for things and how they actually ended up happening.

I have been a fan of destiny all my life. It always showed me that it has its own way to tackle things and no matter how you try to change it, in a way or the other, the intersections that you need to pass through to get to the future, you’ll always have to, no matter​ what.

It is always said that we write our own destiny. That might be true to some extent. But, not entirely. There are some constants and some variables. The variable region is where we could play around and mould the things about our life, but there are constants, the immutable ones or rather say uncontrollable ones, which can’t be done anything about. So, destiny is majorly dependent on such immutable parameters which takes a super stronger immutable will to change things that are being reach.


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