Significance in a little time.

I could get myself to think for ages to know what is actually significant, time or effective time or just time utility. One thing being common in them, ‘time.’

It is very wisely that time is money. Productive use to your time could aid to your monetary benefit. Now, leave that apart. Think about what is the effective use of time. 

Given a scenario where you need to waste time to understand the fact that you don’t have time. One major thing to notice is that we don’t appreciate the things available in abundance. Is it because they are easily available or because they aren’t hard to achieve to take pride in after winning them? This requires a serious thought.

We need to divert our focus on significance. More towards the impact of spending time. The way you spent it would be irrelevant if it isn’t helping you gain either experience or make memories that could guide your way ahead.

Coming back to the question, what is significant? A time that can be spent when you gain an experience that’s worth a double of it. 

How many times have you thought about this and started to impact the way you look at things and makinga change for good?

Give it a thought and you’ll find a lot more lands that have been left unexplored.


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