Cotton candy of the sky.

I was walking back home and suddenly my eyes fell on this cotton candy. I literally wished it to be edible. But then I knew, it wouldn’t be possible unless it came down as rain and it wouldn’t be the same candy I wished for.

Thinking on the similar lines, I went on to my next set of thoughts, which asked me some interesting questions. One of them was, do we really know what we want? 

Like, I wished the cloud to be a candy, but if my wish we to come true, which is still true in a way, as the water cycle replenishes itself through periodic process, we too, get are wishes in some form of the other. It might come in disguise or it could just come by as you wanted. 

But, there is always something that comes by. We know not of what that is, because unless we know what we really want, how can we interpret things that we require to acquire what we want.

A thing to think. Cheers to the candy time that’s just true as candid.


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