Dose of much needed happiness

I am just reminded of the day, when I was in Marina and that other day when I was in Elliot’s Beach. 

This particular label was given to me during the event ‘Spirit of Chennai‘ as I was one of the participants there to celebrate Chennai’s spirit after an year of massive floods and for the way it tackled it.

Things that really make me happy here are, two,one people coming together and the second recovering in the right direction.

I love articulation of love, magnifying it and resonanting to an expression.

I was at the Beach the other night, with my two besties, Hamsa and Swarga, gazing at the bright shinning moon.

I sang my first spontaneously composed jingle, recorded in on my phone. On replaying it, more than my own voice, I heard the voice of the winds and breezes. That’s when my beach side love story began. That’s when I fell in love with the beach. That’s when I could write a page in my diary, ‘Night at the beach‘. 

My dose of happiness isn’t about the newness, isn’t about the old, but is about rings of bonds that revive with time. The spirit of Marina. The sprint of the breeze’s gaze. The spirit of beach’s music. Cheers to my much needed happiness.


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