Being Simply Brilliant

This book, if I may say, has the best set of Quotes that can move to shear brilliance.

Let’s start is first quote, “Kill routine before it kills you”. And that’s quite interesting, isn’t it?

Don’t do something everyday, if you do, make sure that you do that same thing better everyday. Don’t take that way too figuratively but more towards the side of discovering something that is potentially possible.

The book also iterates many times, “Don’t let what you know interfere/hinder with what is possible.”

What’s apt to do when thinking is required is, to not limit your possibilities by considering constraints. Think in the lines of ‘what if there weren’t any?’. That would redirect you to think out of the box and more or less help you think that there isn’t a box at all.

I also remember lessons from the book, ‘You can Win’ by Shiv Khera, which evidently says, ‘Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.’ That’s pretty thought provoking itself.

Being Simply Brilliant begins with our change in thought process. The way we think, the way we interpret and the way we see things are to be progressively effective. 

Moving to the newness of abstract submission of my mind in the direction to many to many.


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