Why somethings are better unsaid

Screenshots can some times turn out to be deadly. A piece of some entire thing can be captured and put in a place which it wasn’t originally intended to. 

It something similar to identity theft. Said words when captured which are something based on instances which could be just temporary and not something permanent. 

Well, the intention is to convey the message entirely. A screenshot covers only a section of it. The front, the end and the context isn’t fully known which can be misinterpreted or easily be misunderstood which is so not desirable.

Some things are meant to kept safe, which lose out value when revealed. Like those times, when the same thing is done again and again, it loses the essence it had on the first occurrence. 

Memories are one such like screenshots. You grow fond of things/people around, which is often not in our hands. What’s interesting to note that the things which we cherish now, might turn out to be something like a thorn if situation worsens.

The more the message is spread, the more will be the section of spectators and more will be the damage caused because there will be more reasons to remind of how things could go more wrong. 

Just little thoughts here and there. Screenshots are crazy. 🙄


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