Surprise surprise!

I remember the whole yesterday in complete slow motion. I get a call in the evening, from Amazon delivery guy that he had a package for me which was addressed to be delivered at my office. 

I wasn’t really sure if it was for me, because I hadn’t ordered anything and neither any of my friends had hinted me that they had ordered something for me. Since it’s my birthday month, I was sure that someone really wanted to play hide and seek.

When the package arrived, I wasn’t available at the office. So, I had requested my friend to collect it for me. I already was feeling way too bad to trouble someone and on top of that I had to figure out who is the person behind this surprise package. Because, it’s spooky.

I had to be the messenger between my friend and the delivery person for the package to be delivered in safe hands since I wasn’t at office.

First thing I did today after my friend came office was to ask about the package. And she, with a smirk on her face said that she might know who that could have been.

We tried to look at the from address and it stated that it was from ‘Ankit Enterprises’, Ghaziabad. So, there wasn’t really any sign of name or a trace as to who it could have been from. 

I suddenly had a realisation about the person behind this surprise. Obvious thing, it had to be and I was too lost to not realise it at the first go. 

I was curious. Like a little kid, my mind kept guessing about what could be inside the package. It was of cube size. I thought it should be a coffee mug. And yes, it was. A customized one. With my name on it. Yay! 💝

I can’t really explain well of how good it feels to receive a surprise birthday gift from people who you bond really well with.

Thanks to you , soulfully, for sending out this gift in advance and also right in time for my star birthday. 


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