Manipulator. Go die, go die.

There is this movie I saw recently. Everything seemed like a fairy tale for a change inspite of it being of a horror genre. And maybe I was too innocent to believe that everything could be in place just like it was expected or planned.

I believed that there is nothing that could go wrong and boom! The next scene just trolled all my expectations. It gave me the shock of the moment and that’s when I realise that horror needn’t be based around ghosts. It could all be about people who manipule you masking their true nature and intentions.

Some people are ‘n’ faced. They are different with different people or maybe just, they pretend to be so. Don’t know for what joy they derive by hiding their true self. They are never known for what they are but they just remain as the scars that they give. 

Their basic motive is to simply obtain what they want from their prey and nothing else bothers them. By hook or crook, they do it. Some cheat shrewdly and some get cheated. 

Whom to trust and why to trust? I doubt myself now. I don’t know if my way of trusting people is good enough or not. 

You never know, how densely one could manipulate you, how impactful the harm would be and how much damage control could be afforded by you.

Humanity is dying. No one is trustworthy. And why only the gullible ones get conned? Because they are too naive to believe everyone at their first instance. 

Be careful. Stay safe. Don’t let your trust be bought. Don’t let it be manipulated.

Manipulator. Go die, go die.


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