I didn’t talk.

Oh, I didn’t talk to her the whole day. I was busy. She seemed to be busy too.

I was jumping around with work on both hands, trying to multi-task. I didn’t know that not talking to someone could impact so much. 

We couldn’t have lunch together too. I had lunch at my desk, been a while that I moved over from my desk. Looks like I found a new affinity to stay back, be by myself, alone, in some corner, and be busy.

I got called for sweets. It felt nice. It felt good that something was saved for me. Something that was meant to be kept for me. Like those special preservations you have for special people. I assumed that I was one of them. Thanks buddy.

I was told, that it is too early to start having lunch at my desk. I notice your concern. But, I couldn’t stop myself from saying, ‘solitude is the greatest peace’. Additionally, that’s when the writer inside awakens.

I didn’t talk. I wrote. And writing is my form of expressiveness. Read to know, talk to get lost, understand to soulfully agree. 


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