It’s cute to follow the trail

You leave bits and pieces out unintentionally and there is so much more to know and do.

I am a complete stranger. Oh, I was. Now, I ain’t. I read the story of these two love birds, conveying messages to each other through blogs. 

Here’s a small snap of their beautiful story, 

He is in US, pursuing his PhD, waiting for his love to respond to the confession that he made. She is in a dilemma that whether or not, she would be okay with a long distance relationship. 

She wants him as much as he wants her. It’s quite interesting to note there that both of their dreams take a different road. It is tough to decide which way to take. 

She said she’ll wait for him to return, but time is a player too. She doesn’t know how much time she has. 

If I hear from them again, I’ll surely write about them with more of them from them.


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