Isn’t it beautiful?

Isn’t it something beautiful to have someone cover for you? To wrap you up in the warmth of niceness and to warm you up in this cold, cold world. 

We all break. Yes, we all do. Someday, somebody, comes by and picks all your pieces up, tries to fix you and that’s an effort to be appreciated. No one likes a broken art. Everyone wants a custom made artwork for themselves. 

As an artist myself, I would never betray my art. Once I have them, it’s my ownership that would guard them till the end of my existence. 

Over and over again, I say, ‘I am done’. I paint my dusted art. But, that doesn’t mean I still love the art, that left me. It is the thankfulness of why and the reminder as to why it couldn’t be what it could have been.

Superlatively, you will know the worth, eventually. If there is fear that is stopping you, just stop, cease there, and just wave back at the sky thanking the stars that this came this far.

I wish to know what betrayal really meant, not being loyal? Exposure to danger? Causing harm? 

The ones we love, have this immense power of affecting us, deeply, to the core of thumping and longing heart. We give them the control to control us and why blame them for betrayal?

I have thought over this, many times like the passed days and nights since I was sane in my totally insane way. If you don’t have control over something, either let it take charge of you or disconnect with a soundful closure.

Am a battery. I discharge. I get drained. I am not chargeable unless there is something that’s a source to me, that drains into me. To the tributaries and me. We have the same destination to reach. Divinity.
I am peace with all of it. All of what’s said and asked. Stillness surrounds me. Like this. ✍💬🕶🛅


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