You scare me.

I know that you know. But, you know not that I know that you don’t know that I do. Well, coming along like parallel lines, would we be an intersection at some point of time?

Time in chime. I’d sometime dine along by the beach side. Looking at the bright white sphere over there, if you know what I mean. The reason of the tide, the half prince of the day’s blood and the messenger of many eyes that want to convey something distantly.

Swords pierce and I already am bruised.I am dented, I can’t take anymore of the things that could potentially kill me. I am in no logan or wolverine mode to survive the wounds. Having had them is different, mocking the wounds to reopen from the dead, is a killer by itself. 

Come along, that I always shall, to stay, is a reason that you need to give me.

I’ll be a wave at the bay for the bae. Baes are love. 💙😎


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