You are my poem.

You are my poem, and so I could call you mine. You define me in a way which no one else can. It is the art, that only the reader has, who admires his/her writer muse entirely.

This post is a tribute to all readers out there, who are completely in love with their writers.

“Unnai naan paarthein, thamarai meghathil”literally translates to I saw you, in the lotus’s sky.

No matter how the sky is, clear or cloudy, I’ll see you. No matter how distant it might seem, moon is always visible from different corners. Sun is always around too. We look at the same thing and don’t realise that we are, at the same thing, at the same time and thinking literally the same.

जहाँ तू मुस्कुराये, मेरी मंज़िल है वही।

There lies my happiness, in you, with you. The essence of gratitude’s flake is what I’d decorate our cake of memories together with.


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