Welcome, two parts.

Two part of singleness. 

Ansh and Dharani from the land of Sweekarpur

Before I begin to introduce my characters, I shall give you a context first.

There is a thirst, there is a need. There was water, there was fulfillment. Mind the ‘was’ in the second statement and the ‘is’ in the first. 

Let’s see their journey together.The way in which their contradictory thoughts instigated the alpha in them. 

Two souls, somewhere, in some far-sighted spot of being, came to belong in a common place of thought. They had their way of looking at things. They became each other’s priority. Each of them trying to convince how beautiful things could be the way it is and how it could be made better. That’s where the scar of fear began. The possibility.

The future is scary. The future isn’t in control. But, that’s a kind of fear to take in. It is good to be fearful and also is right to be. 

But, not everytime there is someone who tells you what you mean to them, in such elegant way, with such devotion. 

That is the time, when you feel ready, ready to be what’s being asked for, yet not being too hopeful. Because, there will always be this fear of falling apart.

Ansh means, ‘a part’ in Hindi. Dharani means ‘Earth’. A part of us, in this earth, is a feeling to have, is a gift from the present and a bond to take charge of.

🤓 तरीका 💫


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