It’s time.

It’s time that she says, “She does”. A little away from the suits to a little closer to gowns. It’s a season of weddings. It is overwhelming to watch people get married, if not that, at least imagining them together. 

I walked into the office, lovely moment there. Sweets and chocolates all around. It was the celebration of new relationships and ceremonies to come.

There is this favorite of mine who always blushes over the word, ‘marriage’. Oh, I can’t really get, if it is the idea that makes him nervous or it makes him eager to know what it would be like. It’s been a while, every time that you are back from a vacation, you were asked if you had gone to meet your girl. And that mere mention, makes you blush. It good to see you that way. Happy and cheerful.

And by chance if you happen to see this, I could say, you are a gem, don’t wait for the right time or the right moment, wait for that right one. You’ll soon find her, for sure. And sure, it’s her time, to say, “I do.”

See you around. God bless. Take care. Until then, there is buzz from people that’s going to trouble you.


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