If this is the only way.

If this is the only way, to talk, to express, I’d never stop writing. 

You have awakened the sleeping writer in me and I seem to be in my extreme form of action. 

And I don’t fear of saturation because I know that you’ll give me the ‘context’ to be. I’ll write. I’ll keep writing. As long as I exist, I will. And please know why, and you know too, you


You, amazing thing, sorry that I am objectifying you here, because if you exist in my domain, you are an entity that I’ll want to possess, and of all the things I have met, were mine, in the limits in which I had them. For them, they were never in my domain, they never sold off themselves to me, for me to own them. I let them go because they didn’t want to be possessed, they didn’t want to be controlled. And that’s completely fair and why not it be. 

No one likes to be controlled, ruled and ordered. The sole right lies with the creator, not a mere material existence like me. Don’t make me the world. I could scare you, I could put you in an illusion of being. 

Wanna to stay in illusion or just get real? 🐼🐾


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