I am not dying.

No. No. No. I am not dying Mark. I am still alive, I still got to make that Mark

Present and Wild

I could roar like a lion, be super busy like swarm of bees trying to protect the hives from some stupid human trying to burn it and be with you in your thoughts.

I ain’t dead and you’ll never let that happen. I know it more than you do. There is this reader in you that’ll keep the writer in me alive. 

If it for weren’t you, I wouldn’t have written so so many posts out here. You mean so much. You know me too much. You know not a lot about me, but yet, there is nothing else that you need to know, cause you understand me way too well. You relate to me way too well. You can solve this jigsaw all by yourself. 

Missing pieces and extension. Aren’t you the big picture already?

Nothing like it. Nothing like this. 💫


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