2 cent advises

  • Get smarter. You might already be, but always get smarter.
  • Meditate daily. A moment taken out everyday, to bring mind to a still, to realise the noiseless beauty inside brain, is amazing.
  • Always smile. Smiling is no harm, always do.
  • Forget worries. No point in carrying worries around. Why have it?
  • Welcome happiness. When you can worry about everything else in the world, know to welcome nice things too, acknowledge their existence.
  • Don’t crib. Cribbing never helped, it never will. Work and solve. Thinking and overthinking doesn’t help either.
  • Live everything. Live the moment for the moment, you never know how long you’ll last.
  • Sleep well. Keep yourself and your mind in a healthy lifestyle.
  • Love yourself. No matter who in the world loves you or not, always love yourself, it’s you who you spend most of the time with. You need to be comfy with yourself first. Deal with the world later.
  • Stay calm. Peace. Calm. Still. There is so much chaos already. Don’t be a part of it. Stay calm and stay at peace.


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