Swan swam by my side.

I promised a friend that’ll I write about something I was asked to. 

Before you say that I forgot or I didn’t want to write. Here it is:
Swan swam through the lake, 

By the dawn,

Swam did she to wave back a wavelet,

For the pawn.
She gazes the stars in the night,

So does he, stare at the twinkling space,

They both do, we all do.

There was some other thing about the beaches, 

The wind blowing, 

A melody to the ears,

Shells as a jewel,

That shine in the grey dark.
Gazing still reminds, 

Of the people,

Close to us,

For the beauty, the sky tries to show.
Peace begins from within and can spread only when others let it in. 
It’s a kryptonite. It’s a maze.


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