Valentine’s day. A bit of gyaan.

It’s Valentine’s Day. A big day for most of us. 

But, really?

Why is that we are overjoyed just today? Why is that today seems to be the only day to show some love?

For some it might be an opportunity to confess and for some it might be just an obligatory appointment with their partner.

Are we losing out on love? 

Give it a thought and you’ll realise that we are living for the world around us and not us.

We are forgetting the whole purpose of being. 

We aren’t being true to ourselves. We aren’t being what we should be. 

It isn’t just today or just one day in the whole year that you realise that there is love that needs to be told. 
Today, the crimes that we read in newspapers talk about how some are committing suicide for getting rejected in love and how some murdered their partners who were cheating on them. 

Many divorces, many brutal harassments, many more crimes that are routed to love.
Love wasn’t supposed to done this way. What has it become to?

Shouldn’t we already be doing something about it?
Talk the language of love today, tomorrow and the days to come.
May the spirit of love be spread wide and everywhere. Let it stay bright as sun and prosperous as green. 
Let the colour of love be smelt in the air. ♥


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