Dunkin Much. Past-try feelings

She woke up to ,”Asha, Asha! Wake up! It’s the first day of the brand new year!” She slightly opened her eyes and there was her roommate Jhansi screaming to her,”Happy New Year!”.

Asha was delighted too but wasn’t really all that energetic to show the same excitement. Perhaps, it was her fear of losing out on the closest friends she had made in these past five months.

She sat there on her bed with a completely messed up hair and struggling by herself to make a perfect bun that would last a little long. The time was coming closer, her stay in Chennai was coming to an end and so was her training.

It was six months back when she had to relocate from Bangalore to Chennai for the training. First time she had to be away from home. It was totally a new experience for her. Being away from mom and home killed her from inside. She used to get home sick every other weekend for those were the days she had off from office and there wasn’t any work that could keep her busy.

But within few weeks of her stay in Chennai she made friends, in her office, with people just like her, the ones fresh to this IT world. She found new reason everyday to keep herself going. Those morning struggles to rise up early and catch up with adequate breakfast was a coaster ride for her.

There came in lot of changes in her lifestyle. One thing was her sleeping late and waking up early. She wasn’t sleeping well. It was that part of her which wanted to go back to Bangalore, back to her Maa and be home. There was also another part of her which was getting used to Chennai like never before. Chennai was becoming her new home. She was getting used to the newly found freedom. Those late night movies with her friends and midnight beach moments with the moon was holding her captive to be in Chennai.

It was last December, a month ago, she met someone, someone new, a person if destiny hadn’t wanted wouldn’t have crossed her path. He was someone who gave her new reasons to smile despite the new odds she had to face with an old friend of hers. They used to call each other everyday, talk for hours. There wasn’t a day thereafter that they hadn’t talked to each other and smiled through their front cameras. After all, it was the video chats that were bridging the gap between the two.

Shantanu was in Bangalore. Asha was in Chennai. It was just a matter of few hundred kilometers and few more days. Her days in Chennai were coming to an end and so was her excitement to meet Shantanu was getting high. It was then the movie ‘La la Land’ that caught her attention. She wouldn’t have gone to watch it if it weren’t for her best friends from office, Swarga and Hamsa.

They watched the movie. The end was uncertain, something she hadn’t expected. She danced her way back, the jazz way, not that she was happy but she had to feel the movie back home. It was another mutual friend she had made in Chennai, all thanks to Hamsa. There is always something nerdy that appeals to her like nothing else. And this mystery mutual friend was one such who could bring talks to a different dimension, which is another reason why there seemed a bond between the two.

Even before things could get better, things had to break her. It was Shantanu. Not the reason really being him but the decision that he and Asha had to take for very obvious reasons. They could have been together today. There was a possibility. But all shattered with one decision that they both chose to make. They decided not to meet. They thought that the bond they shared was something delusional and not something real which will eventually fade in months to come.

Asha was back in the city. Bangalore welcomed her with Chill breezes and drizzles. She was back home. She was normal. She was broken. She called up her best friend and told Amrit her entire story that was meant to be with Shantanu and how things didn’t work out between them. It was then Amrit who advised Asha, ‘You’ll find a lot of temporary people in your 20s, Shantanu is one of those. Forget it and move on! There is lot more to life.’

Asha was blistered with things that were happening to her. She was missing her Chennai friends and more to that was losing out on Shantanu for no fault of hers. She had to move on. She had to get things right. She took out her brush and started painting. She painted a new day. A new beginning. She finally set herself free. She found opportunity to discover herself. She started to build upon her dream to come true.

She then typed in her first draft. First ever page of the book she wanted to write. To be a writer was her dream and to reach out to people’s heart was her motive. She did that today. She is doing it now.

Life made her tough. Life gave her chances. Life gave her moments. Those kind of moments that urged her to write, write her heart out. She did. She now always will for now she is the ink of her own pen.


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