Now, is right?

Now, is the time

It just felt so right. And so, it is. 

More often than not, we go with the impulse of emotions. It is the canopy of happiness. 

The more wavy it is, the more it feels alive.

The verge, that merge of things that are happening now and things that are about to happen, seems to be more like a sabbatical . While you still wander between your thoughts, there is still this fear that throws itself upon you to show you, your probable reality. It wouldn’t be that fearful if you know what’s happening already. The anticipation, the anxiety, the expectation is the culprit.

The point being, ‘Do we know what we really want?’. 

We think we do. 

But, let me remind you, no..,we don’t. 

We get something. 

We want something better. 


Why is that?

Is getting something a precursor of wanting something bigger? Maybe or may be not.

I am now in my office, staring at the ceiling and at those 4 screws that are shining bright, thinking that time does really change things a lot. 

It has this immense capacity of inverting things. Make things black & white from color and vice-versa.

Same is applicable to the transition that happens in us. We make a lot of friends. Quite a lot. None of us know who is going to stay and till when.

But then, I am also reminded of the fact that ‘Nothing Last Forever’.

New memories refill the old, remixing the feeling, reminding us how old times were better. The good old days. Those good old days…!

After a certain point of time there is so much of vacuum that’s created that you don’t know what else you could do, for it to be filled with something, more precious and valuable.

Giving it a thought again, I kinda appreciate the vacuum. Although, for a different reason. It makes me aware of the value of the things I have and makes me appreciate that I am better off. More to that, there is nothing worse to the worst. Right?

But the point is, do you know, what is?

I bring myself to think harder, a little more harder, because it feels as though it is my responsibility to set things right. But, do I have it in me to?




I always end up with a question, mostly unanswerable one when I start with one and it is an undyingly recursive.


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