Tiny ink tale.

She told him that he meant the world to her.

For him, she was nothing more than a medium to survive.

For what the ink did to the pen, only the writer knew.



One thought on “Tiny ink tale.

  1. Life is a paper, empty and blank,
    just another act in the cosmic play,
    filled by an entity we pray and love,
    call it a field of force or the will of dove.

    You are just the pen, agreed, sure it’s you,
    turning the worksheet blue or black but,
    it isn’t you, it’s the ink that’s in rife,
    which gets emptied and replaced through your life.

    Medium to survive? he bled for you,
    sacrificed his life, thrown out in the trash.
    Pen is the stream, many inks pour in,
    An error on the sheet isn’t just his sin.

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