There came this day…

There came this day, 

when the decision was to be taken at the bay; and when the joys were glow & gay.

Point wasn’t about decisions for a change; it was about what made the joy. 

Sea wave wasn’t it…it was the buoy. 
A tone that melted the mountains; 

washed away the stains, 

went down the valley; 

And storming by the alley.

Forgotten were the times that were;

moments that were rare.

Stepped by the stocked right;

mocked was the braved fright.
Same old was this feeling, that crept in;

tantamount was the decision, that walked in. 

What was it that frightened a verse out of me,

that shooed the white from the glee?
There came this day,

when the decisions were to be taken, at the bay and when the sorrows were gloomy and grey. 
Seasons to come. 

Floods to face. 

Droughts to be in. 

Storms to survive. 

That’s life. We are living it, the uncertainty.


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