Intensity is my bloodline, an amazing start to a new game.

“Intesity is my bloodline and so are you.” 

That’s how we started to play this fun game where a word is given to you and you tell the feeling associated with it or just form a line which describes it best for you.

After playing this game for a while, me and my friend realised that how tiny tiny things, which we are completely unwatched still make a lot of difference in our lives. 

Where Kit-Kat breaks could make your day more fun, purity is defined by being sure of what you want, honey being sweet and soured by the sting of a bee, schools being the mermoirs of first love. Ha ha. 😀 and what not?

Many a times we fail to realise what something/someone means to us until we lose them or may be we are just oblivious to it just 


we think they going to stay with us forever. 

Being thankful, is one such mechanism, when you constantly make yourself realise that you are blessed. 


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