Heated Argument.

If it is an one sided argument,  it really isn’t an argument. Isn’t it?

Well, that’s how we think it to be.

Not everyday someone speaks angrily with you. 

If that’s more like an everyday thing, it is more likely to be the anger which has grown over years. 

It could be due to frustration or jealousy. It could be anything.

But why do we keep things with us which aren’t beneficial to us?

Why is that we carry the anger along? How is it even helping us?

It is making us more like an avenge fuel. Is that even needed?

Why do we scream on people when it is no fault of theirs?

Just because you don’t like them? Or is it just that you can’t tolerate them?

Be it anything. Even if they are at fault, is being angry doing you any good? Is it helping you in possible way? 

No. It has never helped and neither it ever will. So, why have it? Why keep it? Why sustain it?

Let go. Let live.

Make peace with peace.


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