Everything is going to be fine…

Oh. Yes.

Everytime something wrong happens…we get consoled by a zillion souls that everything will be fine..everything is going to be okay. Who does really care? No one. Literally no one.

So…who is going to make it alright? 

Time? God? Nature? Destiny?

Who is supposed to and when is it supposed to be okay?

Everything happy thing that happens is so short lived that we are used to live in perpetual drama, agony, grief, discontent, unfulfilled desires, disappointments…and we choose to ignore every possible happy moment hidden in them. 

There is always something working, sweating and draining in the background to make us strong, a better version of ourselves to survive the storms that are our way.

We make ourselves live with it. Undergo traumas and stress. What for? Are they going to be changed all by themselves. 

Isn’t that you need to find yourself responsible enough to try working things out, making them positivie.

No one would help you or rather possibly could if you don’t want to help yourself!

Everything is going to be fine…because it needs to, it is required to? 

No. It’s just that we are making ourselves okay with whatever’s there!

End of the story.

It has to be okay for we have no other damn choice!


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