All for love.

It is sometimes strange that we often are behind those things which can’t be ours.

It could get stranger when you continue to be stuck in that zone knowing very well that it isn’t happening. 

Still you would continue to. Because, you would say it is the true love.

Some are of those kind, who move on and yet actually don’t.

Some are those who believe in seeing opportunities when there isn’t any possibility at all.

Some are those who make the impossible happen in even the hopeless times.

And some are those who continue to be, because for them it’s all about love and it doesn’t matter to them if it is reciprocated or not.

This is how a totally enigmatic story of Raghav and Lekha make to a critical still.

Raghav was energetic and somehow had managed to pull Lekha talking to him and yet poor thing never had any extra luck. Their conversations always used to end in one word answers from Lekha. 

One fine day, it so happens that Lekha is agitated. Totally annoyed by Raghav confessing his love for her, she asks him to never disturb her again. 

Raghav being the nice guy, obeys her and never disturbed her again.

Lekha is happy that she could somehow manage to tell him that it wasn’t possible between them. ‘Peaceful’…she thought.

After few months, Lekha gets a message that Raghav had moved on and he is now happy with his girlfriend. Lekha is happy that Raghav had got someone who could love him back.

Few days later, Lekha notices that Raghav had deactivated all his networks and it hinted her that something was terribly wrong.

Lekha was in a dilemma if or not to contact Raghav again. She piled up courage and writes a mail which read, ‘It is time that you get back on networks’.

To which she gets a reply after 2 days, ‘Thanks for the suggestion. I am escaping the world.’

Lekha then said, ‘You don’t have to!’

She gets a reply, ‘Sorry for the inconvenience caused.’ 

To which she said, ‘There wasn’t any inconvenience but there was only worry.’

To which there never came a reply. 

For what? 

All for love. 

    – – – 

Interesting isn’t it?

We make ourselves go away from the ones we love…why?

Just because it wouldn’t work or the person you love is actually happy without you?

There are so many rejection stories and love triangles which are hard to break. Why? 

Why is that we are in lookout for those who can’t be ours?

Reason is simple. Love isn’t planned. It just happens.

Cheers to love; for it be glittering bright in the hearts of those who have the courage to love. 


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