Equality of Genders.

Well, today is the time where Women and Men are critically adjourning to the idea of equality.

The quality of what needs to be considered here is what seems to be a lack.

Women are progressing, showing that they are no less. Excellent. But, what is the real point? 

Sometimes I ask myself, 

‘why do we need to prove ourselves?’

‘Why is there a competition to show that even women can make a difference?’

‘Why are we to still keep continuously proving what we are capable of?’

Male dominated society. Is it the reason holding us back? No, I don’t think so.

Then, what is?

It has to do something with a combination.

A reassurance. A trust. A faith.

It builds along when one knows you needn’t prove what you are worth of because the worth is known by default.

Let your actions speak for your defense, for all the proof that is demanded what your capabilities are to be tested.

Stay strong. Men and Women. Two half pieces of the one whole.


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