Walking Away…

A cycle of birth and death. A tone of ageing. A race against the time. A travel with the friction of wants with the needs.

Naima and Prakruti were two best friends. ‘I missed you two’, said Kohl. They said it together, ‘I missed you, too!’.

Kohl is a liberation.
Naima and Prakruti are  sensed ventures of nature’s delicates.
Naima and Prakruti when aren’t together never meet Kohl. If they met the other walks away.

A deeper understanding to this would be to compare yourself to Kohl and Naima & Prakruti to be your comforts and success zone.

The more you reside in your comfort zone the more you would find the success appearing far away from the reach of your vision.

Similarly, the lesser you are with comforts and the more you are into working towards your success quotient, the more clearer will be your goals and guideways to achieve them.

Walking away concept is the anti- procrastination procedure. Walking away from things that divert you, distract you is the first thing you need to do.

The bringing in focus isn’t that difficult. Staying focused is. The more you energise yourself in fine tuning while working towards your goals, the more they will be easy to accomplish.


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