Peppy and Wendy: A not-so merry story.

Peppy: Hey ya, Wendy! This has been such a long time. I get so bored without you.

Wendy: Well, if you do dieting with your hamburgers and those high calorie junks why would you know that I am still around.

Peppy: Wendy. I ain’t playing a part of your sarcasm anymore. It isn’t that it is my choice or role in this. People choose what they want to. Not everyone has a say, every time! 

Wendy: Oh. So, you are saying that you are happy being an outcast. Huh?

Peppy: Gosh, Wendy! Why so arrogance? Why so annoyed? What’s happening?

Wendy: I spoke none of it and yet you seem to be making your own stories. I know how this ends. It was always did that way. We fighting over our priced position.

Peppy: Enough! This is getting heated up. Let’s see what Ash is upto. Let’s let him choose and I guess we both are okay with what he wishes to have for lunch.

Wendy: There comes Ash! I am super confident of what he is going to pick and I am so proud of the choices that he makes.

Peppy: Ahh. Is this you saying it? Oh wait, a hole. Is everything okay? You seem to be not. A compliment sorta thing coming out of you has been a miss.

Ash chooses his traditional Dosa and Sambhar over both Peppy and Wendy. 

Thereby, proving a point that being too sure on just a probability can be disappointing.




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