She jumped with Joy.

Joy is personified. Bundled to noun; Abundance to just in time, it takes us to new places even when we still are stuck at a junction where we choose to stay not that we want to but are forced to.

Here is the thing: What made her sad wasn’t really the sadness but the fact that she couldn’t enjoy with the things she had.

Something seemed always missing and why to that isn’t the only reason playing the spoil sport.

Why is that we long for things we don’t have and not be thankful to things which we have.

Joy came her way and she wasn’t in a her noses to sneeze the sadness out infact she inhaled it. 

It took her a lot of time to realise that there are things she could be happy about if she left apart thinking about the things she doesn’t have and she couldn’t have.

She then decided to not let the sadness take the control but to let a leap of jump that needs a push through her to find Joy in the way joy is and where is.


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