Bani and Vivan

He: Bani, I should have trusted you when you said I was in love. Now, see I have lost her.

Bani: Who said you have lost her?

He: You think I could still get her?

Bani: Do you think she has moved on?

He: I guess so as she doesn’t seem to be inclined to me anymore!

Bani: Hadn’t you said her to stop troubling you? Why would she bother you anymore?

He: I did. I regret now. I acted like a freak. I am so sorry. I shouldn’t have. I have had tough things to handle then!

Bani: Why didn’t you tell all these to her, earlier.

He: I didn’t want her to get hurt with any of the things concerning me!

Bani: How much more time will you take? Say it!

He: Could I? Am I allowed to? Wouldn’t she want to punch me?

Bani: See, you are making another mistake delaying it further.

He: Bani. Bani.  Bani: Yeah? What is it? Stop calling my name like that. I go numb.

He: I am sorry pie. You have always been my favorite. Will you…?

Bani: Will you what…?

He: I can’t hush up. Please let me do it right?

Bani: Uh. -_- I don’t get you. What’s going on your head. What are you talking?

He: Please close your eyes. I have something for you.

Bani: Alright. See. Done. I closed my eyes. What now?

He slowly places a bracelet on her hand and puts a knot.

He: You can now open your eyes.

Bani: Oh my god. See, what’s written! Are you sure this for me? I thought it was for the girl you were talking about all this while!

He: Yes. Am sure. And yes, it is for the same girl I was talking about. Need I say more?

Bani: Whaaaaaaat? How could you Vivan? Why? How?

Vivan: Bani, my love. Calm down. It’s true. And I am completely in love with you.

Bani: Why didn’t you tell me earlier? You had to say this after all this while keeping me in dark?

Vivan: Sweetheart, I wanted to be stable when I was to confess my heart out. I felt this was ‘the time’ and I did.

Bani: You made me wait so long. 😥

Vivan: Now that we are together, we will make that up with time. 😉
Bracelet read: To my precious, My heart belongs to you.



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