Unseasoned Silence

I wasn’t to tell what I didn’t mean to,
for you mistook me for what was unsaid.

I knew explanations would seem lame to you,
you could call it my inefficiency.

I thought it could be understood,
my conscious efforts were in vain.

I did what I could,
didn’t happen as I thought it would have.

It is a fault of mine,
blame me for not having tried enough.

Only I know how things have been,
my tries to make ends meet.
Being a poser of what I ain’t,
trying to be ‘Ok’ when I am not.

I know you care,
but you don’t know what’s the scene.
It is untold, it is unsaid.

You might ask; ask me questions,
yet not want me to.
I can’t react. I stay put. I stay silent.

This unseasoned silence is here to continue. I better be gone for I am not needed anymore.

~Anusha Sridharan





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