My night attackers

A tribute to my darling ‘over thinkers’

I prepared myself to sleep early today as I knew I had to give an exam tomorrow and I need to feel fresh when I write answers on my answer sheet.

I closed my eyes and was about to sleep. Then came this thought to me, ‘When did Katappa kill Bahubali? 😛
(Read again, its when not why?!)

I felt like Maahishmati sobbing for the loss of the cherished charisma, ‘Bahubali’ that too out of no where. I still am unable to establish a connection of how on earth I had to get that thought for it had been months I have even heard of the name ‘Bahubali’ or any mere mention of it.

Sudden sadness dipped in me. I didn’t even know what I was upset for. For the mistaken stab or the death? Was it because its the ‘Bahubali’ or the ‘Katappa’?

I then bounced to think about ‘Why did the calorimetry test that I had conducted in my first semester fetch me values whose locus was more like a shape of a fleshly polarization curve? Ah! It must be that dusty copper sulfate solution or may be the vials were infected o.O.

Argghhh. I got an exam tomorrow. Why am I thinking all this!

I try to ignore. I push harder by saying to myself, ‘Chaltha hai yaar, chill maar! (It’s okay! Take a chill pill!)’

Okay. I will sleep now.

‘Why did the megger not show the resistance of the cable?’, may be I didn’t crank it enough? or were the leads at fault?

Ah. Chuck. That’s not what’s going to be asked tomorrow. But, I need to go to lab tomorrow to check what is actually wrong with that stupid megger!

Eh. Never mind. I don’t have that lab tomorrow. Who cares!
But wait! How could it not work?

Phew. What am I thinking? I need to doze. Please. Please stop thinking! I need rest. I need my mind fresh tomorrow.

Close your eyes baby. Oooh baby, baby..oooh baby, baby! 😛
Ah. What am I humming?

Is that the same tune of ‘Justin bieber’s some random song?’.

Freak. Its almost 2am. I get to sleep only till 7am at the maximum. Five hours. Shit!

Clear your mind. Clear you mind. You are sleeping. Doze off pie. You got an exam tomorrow. Sleep, you idiot! Stop trying to be a hypnotist.

Thought welcoming Ink Slingers are all mine.

~Anusha Sridharan


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