Just want my little one safe.

Just want my lil one safe.

Just before we begin anything. We have that something which we always worry of.

Say, I got a presentation today. I am all prepared. Everything is in place. And yet something inside me is scared. Scared of something that could go wrong.

I ask why?

Why is that you are scared? What makes you think that something is going to go wrong?

Although, considering risks at a early stage is a good thing to do but letting it buy you worry and loading a hefty bill on you is really very bad. Right?

Think about it.

Things will happen as they are meant to be. So, let it be? Easy…isn’t it?

My lil one.

I was far away, yet so close. You were close to me yet we were so far.

This lil one is the peace. Peace of mind which is that one piece that keeps up intact. In order. In submission.

It is with us. But for Unnecessary bothering, unnecessary thinking, unnecessary wandering we make this peace play hide and seek with us.

It is important to understand the fine coarse of course that the peace takes. It is with you and will be available to you only when you accept that it is with you. Always and always. Ever and ever.

Just like happiness is a state of mind, peace is too.

Peace is an equilibrium. It is the balance art of mix. No wonder it is said, making peace. Making peace of available harmony to omnipresence.

Peace, the little one is always around. Just let the inside of you see it. Know where it hides so that you could play, ‘I Spy…’ with it.


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