I understand…

I understand that you weren’t to be;
what I thought you would be.

I understand that you acted weird;
to keep me safe of the future strangeness.

I understand that you wanted me happy;
making sure that I am from far.

I understand that you care for me;
to help me rectify my mistakes when you point them out.

I understand that you put hurdles on my way;
to just make me stronger.

I understand that you listen and don’t respond;
to show that I am your answer.

I understand that you are always with me;
like my breath, my bloodstream.

I understand that you gave me life;
I was to live to reach you.

And yes, I am coming.
I understand. I understand.

I totally do.

I understand that I can come to you only when you want me to.
I will come, anytime you call me. I will. I will.

I understand you are the ultimate, the final zenith.

I call my painters to paint the colors of understanding because our final destination is the same and we are to go there in the end.



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