Half of what?

This is more to do with the half.

The half of what exactly?

Half comes from the shadow of full. Unless you know something that of full you never know the half.

A half is decided to be when the whole is known. And that’s how you do a whole into two parts.

Do we see the two parts the same way? Or are we biased with one part more than the other.

Consider heart and brain to be one. Heart and brain being its parts. We listen to heart and do what the brain says. We call ourselves rationalists. We don’t really go by being emotional because ultimately with time everything dissolves and one needs to look back and see what has been significant.

With that, a scenario being where brain takes a stronger route to you than does the heart.

When having listened to heart goes wrong, you know why and what went wrong because you are intricately linked to inner worth of the things you do and for the reason you do.

Hence, making it to be the self taken decision rather a constraint bound decision.

An open eye sees vividly the magic of being. Brining the minds solution. Salting it. Sweating it.

It serves to be a motivation when heart and brain go in sync. They have a resonance. They have a rhythm. Believe and trust.

The toughest fights that trap our thoughts mingle to form a solution when you convince either the brain or the heart to move along with the other.

That’s about how a half acts as a whole. A whole can never be a half, but a half can serve to be a whole if it fulfils the same motive.


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