Fear that wasn’t

What scares me is not the fear itself but the fear that I create myself for the fear it isn’t. How strange that is to make things that aren’t and not make of things which could be.

I made this as my Facebook status. To show that I have problems? Nay! To show that I have my own fears? Nay!

This was to post an echo. To radiate the feeling. The conscience of particular sorts of building fears that weren’t to be the base.

I also said, ‘Fair in all unfair means and unfair in all fair means’ to a status that read, ‘Life is unfair!’.

Let’s take an interesting reference here. When you can compare two different things unfairly..life can teach you how to be fair. Similarly, when you fairly try to compare unfair things life is going to tell you what being unfair is.

A fish can’t climb a tree, but a trained monkey can swim. See the difference?

I was talking to my friend the other day. How unfair things could be…sometimes you chose them from the box of unknowns and sometimes you do it from the possible knowns.

While you have been given the choice from the unknowns. There is a fair choice of anything been chosen and also an unfair choice been done for you aren’t aware of what the unknowns are.

The gravity and the free fall are such phenomena. Neither the gravity nor the free fall would have been known if it weren’t for the apple that fell which arose the curiosity bug inside Sir Newton’s head.

If not him someone else would have noticed, a common comment that could follow. But, would we have progressed the same way? Would we have known the masses, the gravitational constants, the acceleration due to gravity at the same time as we have know it from the age it was proved and postulated?

What we need to ponder here is, ‘Do we know what is really fair or unfair?’

what’s being the bias? What’s really the criteria to judge?

Is it okay to be judgemental? Is it okay to just assume the ideal conditions?

Why are we settling with approximate models? Think about it.

Because they are complex. In order to simplify, we exclude those factors which are hindering to form a solution, to derive a fix to the uncanny assumptions we are required to make.

The same principle suits our fears. Just like we make a simplified version of all complex things, we are also need to do the same to the fear which we create ourselves which in actuality aren’t that complex at all.

Is fear fair? Or is having fear unfair? Come let’s discuss 😛


Anusha S


One thought on “Fear that wasn’t

  1. Fair and unfair are to describe things that happen to us. For example, when have you wondered, it’s so unfair that I painted a picture or it’s fair that I wrote my diary. There’s something icky about saying such.
    Fairness can’t be applied to what we create. It shouldn’t be. Fear is a thing you create in response to the scare. The real question is, is the scary thing coming after me fair? Why is it scary? Uncertainty. Uncertainty in taming the fierce. Once you are certain, there is no scary thing, thus no fear.
    Just like a monkey when trained can swim, you can swim through fear when you are trained, not to resolve scary stuff, trained to realize that there is no scary stuff in the first place.
    Just like we assume simplified models to solve criminally complex concepts, the simple idea that there is nothing scary can make us not create fear. There is no question of fairness either.

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