A short love story

It was a beautiful Sunday morning. Ohh, said Jaya painfully looking at the calendar. It was after all, Valentine’s day.
Jaya had made herself believe she was happy single for she thought all relationships get complicated in the end.
There used to be times when Jaya felt lonely and she would go watch some love stories to calm herself. That’s the only thing she could do as her past was a one-side love story.

She then gets a call on her phone. The voice said, ‘Before I reveal myself. I need you to know one thing which I always wanted to tell but never could. I wish I had told this to you when we were in school.
I knew you had a terrible heart ache when Madan didn’t accept your proposal.
You must have easily thought he had rejected your proposal.
No, he hadn’t.

He knew you were a small kid who didn’t know what his reality was. He wanted you to concentrate and not waste your time with him.
He could think so ahead in future because he loved you even before you had started to love him. I could have told you about this earlier too but didn’t because Madan thought it could hurt you as he was in his final stage of brain cancer then. Now, in the morning when I read his diary and it was full of you. I could see heartfelt feelings of how Madan fell for you and his happiest day was when you proposed to him.
I couldn’t stop myself to call you when I read the line, ‘Jaya, I so wish to see you just once more. I didn’t have the face to call you because I know I crushed your heart. But, fault isn’t mine too. If I had time, I would have kept it with mine. Forever. This heart of mine will never stop beating for you even when I am gone’.
I wanted this diary to go to its rightful owner. That is you. Madan always loved you, Jaya!
I will parcel his diary to you by tomorrow.
This is Reshma, Madan’s sister. Take care, Jaya. With love, Madan & his family.

Jaya after learning this, adopted Madan’s family and started living with them. It was her family after all.



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