A poem that introduces me to who I am

I am the soul that exists helical ;encompassing the measures of infinitesimal.

I am far fetched, nearly stretched. I trek, I trick. I pack, I snack. I sustain, I listen.

Densely trained, randomly grained is my way of function, play and work make my junction.

I trip, I rise. I fall, I grow.

I call out a cry too deep, wry of being

I sport the attitude to try

to answer all the why(s)

I make glee with all ways

even if nothing is right about the day!

I bounce haphazard. I jounce with Asgard.

I am fierce, I disperse in the span of universe.

I ride. I trade.

I cascade. I parade.

I drain down the lane, through the vanes ;

I descend from the accolades and centigrades.


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