Sundays are the best

I have my reasons to call Sundays best. And it definitely doesn’t include of it reminding us of Mondays.

About my sunday spent well, with my precious, we started our day with Masala Oats and Onion pakodas. After a little of cleaning ritual, we headed off to Mainland China for lunch.

Just before that, we went bowling, I had my lessons learnt on strikes. 1:1, for 2 games, we won a game each. We also checked out some books at Blossoms, church street. And for sure, we didn’t realise the hours passing by. Here are some of the books that caught my attention.

We didn’t quite stop there. Only that we were hungry, we went to catch up some food.

After relishing the yummy chinese food and falling with the decor, we went on to the other blossoms book store on the third floor. Below are the books that definitely made to my to-read list. Just that I couldn’t buy them all. I’d take them one by one. And not all at once, so that I don’t feel bad about not reading them as much.

The books that we got home were:

  1. Stephen and Owen King – Sleeping Beauties
  2. Metamorphosis – Franz Kafka
  3. James Rollins – The Bone Labyrinth
  4. Mahabharata – Rajagopalachari – 1955 Edition.
  5. Parallel Worlds – Michio Kaku
  6. The Fry chronicles – An autobiography
  7. Brian Green – The Hidden Reality
  8. The Origin of Species – Charles Darwin

A perfect evening will be a fail without coffee. So, we did coffee.

And that’s how our Sunday looked like. Perfect. Date with the books, peaceful.

Back home, there is Amazon Prime, and The West Wing. Season Five. Episode 11. We have come a long way this journey.


In Time | Movie Review

One crazy and yet thought concept where you stop ageing at 25 and you need to fight for time to live.

In the age where time is currency, you buy and sell time, gives out a message to all of us of how precious is the time that we have.

The movie deals with time as the guiding hedge. The more time you have left with you, the more you live. The timer of your hand determines the time that is left for you to live. Just like we have units, tens and hundreds for our numbers, the timer has seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years.

Imagine your daily commute from your house to your workplace, takes 2-4 minutes away from you, for a person with just few hours left to live. The life in a ghetto is as such, they fight each other to live. We have money lenders, they have time lenders.

The quote that kept revolving around in the movie, “For a few to be immortal, many must die.” indicative of the rich being at the edge to live longer, nearly immortal. While, the poor, struggle each day, to just live a minute longer.

Trapped between the time zones where rich lived apart, far away from the ghetto world, unaware of how the lives are minute by minute at the ghettos.

This gives out a wonderful thought to all of us, the way we live our lives. What if we knew the time that is left with us? Would we still waste tine as we do now? Would we still be careless about how we let the time fly off like a bird with fastest flapping wings.

That’s a grain and we have a plough land left to figure out.

Let’s hit it.

October | Movie Review

October | Review by Wire

All the thanks to Amazon Prime, I have been watching one movie everyday and hence, the increase in the movie review blog posts.

I watched October a few days ago. It felt nice to watch a movie of this kind after a long time. The movie captured the feeling well. “It isn’t a love story. It is a story about love.”

It just causes the influence, however ordinary the story might seem or probably story less. It proves to show your connection with the person dear to you, who’s in a state between life and death.

Shuili, in Bengali is night flower, and it specially blooms in October. Hence, the name of the movie. The movie focuses on how Dan, the character of Varun Dhawan, is affected by Shuili’s state of Coma. And how he tries his day and night to bring her back to normalcy.

He got the night flowers to the hospital where Shuili was admitted, in hope that she’d like the smell of them although he wasn’t sure she’d be conscious of the smell of them.

The intricate human bonds in times like these just come out vulnerable. Why wouldn’t they be, it’s the time when you get to know who are the ones truly caring about you.

I guess that’s about all. See you later until my next.

Divergent | Movie Review

Looks like my blog is turning into a movie review. Am sorry for that. Have been writing stories on Sweek. The whole purpose of this blog was to explore the thoughts and not let it wander between the mundane posts but that didn’t really serve the purpose.

The need is after thought. I’ll try sharing those stories here when I see it’s relevance being fit here.

Coming to the main part, the divergent series. I hopped on the movie series before the book series. I happen to accidentally watch it as the theme seemed interesting.

When I first watched it, the concept of factions and its relevance to hunger games appealed to me. The first part of the trilogy generated totally mounted interest on me that I wanted to the buy the trilogy the very next day.

The factions, diving the society based on your strongest human trait like Truth, Honesty, Justice, Selfless, fearless, forgiving into Edurite, Candor, abgenation, dauntless, amity.

The whole movie was so fascinating although the dsytopian way, it felt good watching.

After watching the first part, I was so much in awe that I wanted to get the book series of divergent by Veronica Roth right away.

But then, a little patience and wait helped. I watched the movies of the other two parts. I felt the other parts to be a dragged beyond necessary.

The concept and the flow is something I still liked. The class of divergent which seemed like a threat to society for not fitting in any particular faction, could be inclusive of any, as they pissed qualities of all, but one specific characteristics being predominant.

After talking to other Sci-fiction enthusiasts, it so felt that the whole theme had a very canny resemblance to Hunger Games. In today’s world, if we were enforced with a faction system, how would it be? It’s exciting and scary to imagine.

Do we stand better, divided by the very nature of our being? Or better united with diversity of our possibilities?


Word of the day

I am starting a new series, “Word of the Day”. I’d be picking up words I wasn’t aware of or are given to me (through comments/suggestions).

One word. One small story. Everyday.

I would either pick the whole world itself or just its theme and write a story around it.

Come be a part of it, comment along!

Kaala | Movie Review

Okay, how do I start writing this? This is one of the very few movies that I watched in early days of its release. Am glad I watched it yesterday.

I am not really fond of violence but I made through this movie without complains. The first half was sober. I was wondering why would be someone disappointed with a movie like this. Infact, I wanted to call up people during the intermission to tell them how well I am enjoying it.

I specially like the rain sequence. I would say a job well done at cinematography.

The opening of the story was nice. Everything else was nice. But, just before I tell that, I meant excluding the unnecessary extra effects that seems too good to be true and those which fail to seem real.

The struggle. The revolt. The strikes. All for the land which government wanted to forcefully procure of the Dharavi slum, threw some sense in me.

The fight was between, power and necessity. One fought for dominance. The other fought for livelihood. In between these fights, lost were the innocent lives.

I like how the story took shape and to a very slightest extent I liked how Nana Patekar played his role. But, who am I missing out, Kaala.

Karikaalan, the Kaala Seth, many names to this leader who stood by his people and for their protection. With his guidance and help, people of Dharavi were successful in saving their land, a place of worship, their jobs relied on it.

And it came no easy either, they made their sacrifices, lost lives and the end did turn things around.

The end, I interpret in a different way. Kaala turned his people as fierce as him so that even after him they could take the lead and sail their way through.

The success story of this Dharavi slum triggered the other slums to fight for their rights too.

Read more on the rumours that this movie was based out of a true story.

I’d rate this movie, 3.75/5 overall.

The concept – 5/5, the effects and direction – 4/5, the story tweaks – 3/5, casting – 4.5/5, Rajni Sir was a saviour, have to agree.


Hichki | Movie Review

Call it luck by chance, or a randomised chance to have watched Hichki. Thanks to Amazon Prime, I spent my previous evening watching Rani Mukherjee’s Hichki.

The movie dealt with a young woman with Tourette syndrome struggling to get a job as a teacher. Having tourettes was a challenge in itself and yet the protagonist was a soul reluctant to give up.

One such opportunity, came to her, a job offered to her after multiple rejections. She had to teach a class of kids who wouldn’t budge to any of your ways to mend and make them learn.

As if this wasn’t enough, she had to go through numerous pranks and insults for her condition and helplessness. She was determined, she made it a point to be there for the kids no matter what after learning the kind of the background they come from.

I’ll connect elsewhere for a while

I have found a new platform to write on, to keep myself regular in writing, about what I think and feel.

I realised that most of my thoughts stay here, in draft and doesn’t actually go live. There is so much thought process behind and most gets lost when I review it in a totally different mindset.

Thoughts are lost. So does the purpose.

I choose to write. Write as frequently.

I would, as much as I could. Time keeps me apart, yet I wouldn’t wander away.

Send out a mail to me at ( if you’d like to connect with me on this new platform.

Until I make my next post here, Sayonara! 🚩

Across the seven seas.

Confusion is a bait, take it

Almost all of us have been confused about our career choices. It is that bug that makes us go hassel-nut.

Many of us are so confused in life that we aren’t aware of what should be our next goal.

Even if our goals are set, we aren’t sure of how to be able to meet them. Forget about trying to fulfil them, we don’t even start working on them until we get a push to our lazy backs.

Confusion could belp us realign. I am one confused person who couldn’t meet one as confused. Well, I appreciate the chaos that takes place in me. It helps me understand the source of chaos and my needs to be able come out of it.

Not all times confusion is positive. It just drains your mental energy. If you have too many options with you and each of them being feasible, you’d be lost of which choice to make. That’s when you discover the possible futures you could have with each of those choices.

Similar idealogy goes for career paths and switches. When you are considering a different career path and you are not sure how to go ahead, there is lot to open up to. There is so much room for change that you’d be willing to sweep a leap. But, you aren’t sure if that’d be really worth it.

Comsider confusion to be a bait. Take it. Eat it. Crunch it. Fix it. Deal with it. And decide to kill it.

This one’s for Twitter Friend

This post is dedicated to Sanskriti, a friend I know from twitter. We know each other through a common writer friend.

It is said that every writer needs a muse to be able to write. I am not here to deny it but to convey that it is not entirely true.

She had said in one of her tweets that it would make her happy if her existence inspired someone to write something. So, here I am.

I started with making an infographic for her. Although, we haven’t interacted much but whatever I know of her,

Her tweets is what made me interact with her. They were intuitively emotional. I liked that about them.

I asked her to join Mirakee as it’d be a nice place for us to share cool and nice short snippets. We then also became blog buddies.

Few months ago, when I had quit twitter, I told only few of my twitter friends that I would be quitting, she was one of them. Am glad.

Am back, though 😀

So Sanskriti, I’d prompt you to write more, more on your blog, it seems like you write once in 2-3weeks, and you should try writing frequently.

Muses are interesting. They make us write effortlessly. But, not having them within your writing frame shouldn’t stop you from writing. This message is for all writers out there.

So far, our journey, we have hypothetically danced, went on vacations and possibly co-authored books. To know more about crazy imaginations that I have, you can follow us both on Twitter! 🤓

Tried dried out plans

I wrote a status post last night before going to sleep about how this year has been a turn around. It’s been a great deal to take. Huge changes in life.

From great news everywhere to losing a very dear family member, there’s been a lot.

Life has got its ways to prove it to us that there is no laid out plan that’s been super successful because you haven’t reviewed your plans with life’s uncertainties.

No matter how strategic, how meticulous or how much of a fail proof plan it might be, life has always got surprises for us.

I wouldn’t say stop or fear planning for it is bound to face unknown constraints. But, what I’d really suggest is to expect the unexpected. Face it. Accept it. However it is. Somethings aren’t controllable. Somethings, like how we react, how composed and calm we keep ourselves and how we should build acceptance, are well within the conscious control as long as you don’t lose it.

Plans dry out as they are made as though drought hit. What is to believe to have faith in things to happen.

Live life of optimization. So shall life will show it it can be. Be positive, try to have faith in good things to happen, others are just pre-cursors.

Believe that everyday is a nice day. 😀

Voting trends

Thanks to Reena and Denny, this is sequel post to my ‘voting day spent well’. The current scenario in Karnataka is a little haywire.

As anxious I was,
to see who won.
It was a race with a different rule.

The one who lead was like a rabbit and a coalition was a turtle.
A game moral from the past,
a nap and a carrot of overconfidence,
let the turtle win.

A parting to do,
some with the majority,
some with minority and others.
a think like might it be.
No wonder, a chaos.

Brought about a thought,
what should the next state be.
A still in the confusion,
nothing else to clarify.

Smartify the thoughts,
a fine fright of what’s for tomorrow.
A persistence that still be,
how a day from tomorrow shall be.

In a hypothesis,
not to guess,
shan’t be sighted in,
the chances of stay, how long,
still a case of uncertainty.

I don’t really have any political tastes. I wouldn’t take sides. I am more interested in the areas were we as citizens act like we should for being responsible part for the change.

The three dilemma

So, I boasted off that I was a writer. Well well, when time gave me a chance to prove that I was one, I failed. Although, it was just the beginning, claiming that you are a writer and being not able to stick up to it, that’s bad.

It was an extempore, and I didn’t have much a say. I was given a book title which was purely fictional and I had to talk promoting it as my book. The title was “The three dilemma”. I started off well, referring to the Shakespeare’s seven ages and moving on but was just stick midway. I didn’t last a second longer than the first 30. I paused at how at every stage you have this dilemma. I couldn’t form a plot instantly.

So, that’s why I am here. To write. What if I couldn’t speak it! I am sure going to write about it.

What comes to your mind when you hear, “The three dilemma”?

Dilemma is to be stuck between this or that. And what’s about the third kin here? I’d make a three personality of dilemma that you be through whenever you are deciding anything. One part of you wants to get in, the other doesn’t want to and the faint little one is scared to do either and just pause.

I think, I’d frame up a story based on that. A book that talks about why would a dilemma raise at all and how it spikes into 3. Probably, ending it spiritually of how a man is confused between life, death and the world in between.

Bring on the feel of the cover of the book. It is just plain simple three words without any fancy fonts and a backdrop dew drop on a lotus leaf. This is to just signify “unaltered”.

No matter how much your dilemma try to confuse you, you’d still stick to something you have always beleived.


Swim out to it

Source: Card taken from Canva Designs

I have often wondered about the price for the sacrifices made. There is a hindi saying which roughly translates to “To get something, you need to lose something.”

I guess those are the choices, precious ones, among which only one could be taken forward. Choices are difficult to make, difficult to live by and yet we are proud that we made through on that one someday in future, hoping so.

Choices, sometimes are reversible and perhaps, luck plays a role there too. And not all reversible changes lead to happy results.

Some memories die hard, some remain alive, some stay dead. Yet again, that’s a unconscious choice. Once you are successful in convincing yourself to be okay with the choices that you make, maybe you are okay and maybe not.

The point of my post is to swim out to it. If you don’t get in, come out to it. I am trying to put it in a rather simple way. There are amazing blog posts out on the internet which explain this quote more beautifully.

Many a times, you just wait for the right time, right moment, right chance. I ask why. Isn’t waiting for too long or too less inappropriate? Well, how do we decide it’s either too less or too more?

We don’t know that yet. We wouldn’t too unless we go try. Swim out to it and see what’s out there!

Mother’s day, not just another day

No, no. Don’t tell me that today is mother’s day and to do something special for her. You’ll just make her get used to this day where you be extra nice with her just so that you could show it to the world.

Well, don’t deny that you take her out or shop for her just to be able to post a picture on your social media.

Not all of us are like that, but, most of us are. I frankly didn’t want to over hype this day and write a post about it but still I wanted to and I went by that vibe. To make sure that today isn’t the only day that we take care of her.

She’s the most important person of our lives and we should repeatedly remind her of how much of a role she has to play in our lives. It is not just about when we were kids. It is about us, as grown ups, willingly taking time out for her, specially, no matter what.

With busy lives and struggles, we just ignore many important people in our lives, and the one on the top of this list is always ‘Mom’. It’s the hard truth. Accept it.

And right after that, decide to act on how better you’d be able to spend more time with your mom. Help her with the chores. Help her get back to her dreams. Help her understand that she’s special as she has ever been. Treat her like you’d treat your friends. Take her to all the place she’d want to go to but couldn’t. There is a lot of things that you could do.

Don’t let the special planning last only for today. Make it live long. Make her days memorable. And you could do that by just giving her your time that she truly deserves.

Designed on Canva. Visit: Canva to make one yourself!

Voting day spent well

How about a starting thought, “Youth changing the nation’s future”.

ಬದಲಾವಣೆಯು ಯುವಕರ ಕೈಯಲ್ಲಿದೆ

Although, it being a weekend, a lazy me felt responsible enough to cast my vote to be a concerned citizen. I also believe that you don’t have the right to blame the government unless you have casted your vote. If you haven’t excersied that right of yours, there is no way you contributed to it and there is no way you could suggest about if it were any better.

It is not about who wins and how they won. It is about making your voice count. Making your opinions matter. And casting your vote when your future government needs it.

First things first, I have to travelling nearly 30 KMs to cast my vote. Thanks to Ola. I was tracking the turnout on the website before I went to the polling booth, it was 10 o’clock and the turnout percentage was just around 15%. I was slightly disappointed. But then I realised the polling is till 6pm.

“People are just gearing up to their respective booths and they must be heading out already”, I thought to myself.

It was 11:30am when I left my place and took me an hour to reach the polling booth assigned to me. Thanks to ‘locate your booth on maps’ feature, I could locate mine easily for the cab ride. Although, this is my second time voting I happen to wagely remember where I casted my vote last time.

My ID was checked. I was in, inked. EVM right in front of me. Voted. Sigh of relief. Relief because of the travel and the amazing sun.

Casted. Inked. Voted. – Photo taken much later after my voting.

Also, to note, I wore a tricolour kurta today. It filled me with this feeling of patriotism. Being nationally sentimental, I stayed calm with my emotions. I never been any interested in politics. Although, when it comes to being there for the nation (state too) when it needs you, that’s something I feel I ought act in favour of the regarded best.

We then decided to treat ourselves at Onesta. We hogged like we hadn’t eaten for days. We tried to cover all the variety that woo-ed us.

We had a good nice walk to a clothing shop only to find it closed. Disappointed, be our faces, yet a happiness was, for we were headed back.

A good nap and resuming to the weekend feel was the best to be soaked in.

Ciao until I have something else to post about. In the meanwhile, suggest me some topics that I should write next.

Avengers: Infinity War, ‘That’ was

Infinity war, infinity stones. Thanos was mad and he was so for a reason. Infinity war is a great movie and I wouldn’t want to give out spoilers for those who haven’t watched it.

I’d rate it 8.9/10 which is greater than 4/5.

Image courtesy: Aliens Wikia – Thanos

Thanos helped me relate to the population problem better. Decisions of nature doesn’t go untreated. And Avengers, together, once again enhanced the importance of team work.

I had great fun watching it. I wouldn’t indulge this post in how power could have been better used or how Dr. Strange possibly could have done few more weird things .

I appreciate the role of Groot. Along with that, I’d say each character had a specific value to add and how each one played a role to make it work their way keeping their differences away.

Waiting for the next one already.

Because, every ending has a new beginning. And every beginning starts with its end decided.

Foods up

A friday that ended really well. Today was the day which totally increased my appetite for food.

I was taken out for team lunch.

Hogged on rajma chawal, roti, paneer tikka and aalu bhindi sabzi.

No, wait. There is more to it (eat). We then had some juice just to make sure that we didn’t have any more space inside the stomach to fill. I took Mint Lime, that was convinient.

My teammates, just so adorable, mocked my choice of Mint Lime that the aroma seemed like I had mixed Pudhina Chutney in Lime Juice.

Well, I just let them enjoy their laugh. Post that, later in the evening, we had a quick walk to the food court, ordered Masala Dosa with spicy chutney and aalu gravy.

I met my old friend from college, (shhh…it was planned, don’t tell anyone :’D), near the food court and we went together to have something cold. We decided to have Kulfi.

It had been a really long long while that I had had Kulfi. I took the mango kulfi. It was the season of mangoes, how could I just ignore it?

Day just done right, goals for food recorded just right.

In the end, I had moons and stars. Kellogg’s Chocos, of course!

World Quora Meetup – Bangalore

I am just a little too excited for the World Quora Meetup. Although, it isn’t the first (which I couldn’t attend) of its kind, I’d want to make this one happen.

I voluntarily, out of joy and excitement, made this invite for the meetup.

Getting to meet people from different phases of life is great. So much to talk, hear and learn.

I am all set!

Here is the link to register yourself for the Quora Meetup – Banglore, many thanks to Aditya Bhushan Dwivedi and Swateek Jena for being regular at organizing monthly meetups. This one’s big, we expect a bigger crowd, for the whole world is planning up!



Suit with glitz!
Feather touch
Elephant Couch
Dash of Sun
Blossoms, love and red
Sketch, trip and trick
Books beyond all the love in the world
Coke, with a bro, not SHAREd
Finally, webbed under the trees!

I’ll let pictures do all the talking. Today was one of a kind, where work day turned into fun day. I went to meet a bunch of friends, at Blossoms Bookhouse, Church Street.

A bookstore is the best place you can get lost at. We admired the books together. Regretted about the unread books that we piled up and finally decided not to buy any new books because we already had a lot to read back home and there is lack of time.

We walked around commercial street, had out rounds of leg aches, hunted for some street shops, nothing seemed worth a prey. To get hydrated, we had some lime juice, so that we could sustain a little longer. Oh yes, we needed that, long walks in the crowd can be very tiring.

Evening’s dark was hinting us that it was time to head home. Well, thanks to repeated cancellation of the cab rides, going home was delayed. My friends were a little lucky that they got rides faster than me. It took me fifteen cancelled rides, a new app and half an hour to find a ride. Finally, hoping that this confirmed cab wouldn’t cancel hearing my location.

Yes, yes. The cab was finally there. And I was my way back home. With the pictures clicked and something to write a blog post on, I was merry, I am.

Signing off until next time.

Anusha Sridharan |

Gift yourself some-thing.

It needn’t be a birthday or a special day. All you need is a need to gift yourself. Well, when I last gifted myself was on my birthday. Not really on my birthday, but a few days later. I had ordered the book freakonomics for myself.

I finished reading it and it felt great.

The same feeling occurred to me when I saw my friend’s status message read, “Soul satisfying thing to do, paint the colour cards.”

I then decided, the next thing I am going to gift myself is paint. No, not the MS paint, but the actual paint. A brush too, of course, unless I decide on painting with my fingers. Ha!

So, coming to the point. Don’t really worry of what kind of gifts you get. Neither should you worry about the thought that gifting yourself could seem self centric, although it is at times…but it’s fine once a while.

Life keeps giving you challenges. You should too, pamper yourself to keep taking them instead of comforting yourself to not face them.

I haven’t blogged seriously for a while. It has become inconsistent, just lazed and nothing great to read (Please tell me it is not so!)

Today, gift yourself something that you need. It could be time, something that you wanted to buy for ages or something you should get for yourself that’ll definitely help you.

Ciao until we meet again.

A clean plate, with a stick to depict a quater set. Image used for illustrating abstract. Never step back to start up fresh.

About movies over weekends

I could call weekends as weak ends. You plan something, you do something else. Weird right? People who can relate with me, say, “Aye!”

I plan to accomplish lot of things over the weekend thinking that it is the best time ever to but you just end up binge watching your favorite series or some feel good movies.

This time, the picks were rather erratic, on a deliberate note to feel up all the genres. “Up in the air” and “Shape of Water”. And a little of “The West Wing”.

It covered brutal realism, attitude, fantasy, drama, politics, decision making and a little of everything.

Weekends, are in a way, the most unproductively productive time. I have a reason to say that. It is not because what you do over the weekends that matters more but more of how you feel at the beginning of the next week.

If you feel just right to start a new one, then your purpose is set. If you don’t, blame it on the monday blues. Convenient. Very much.

If you are more of a planner, you are postive about your plans actually taking shape as you intend them to, which is nice.

Watching movies during the weekend lets you have a fresh perspective about things. Looking at the world through the director’s eye. You might or might not like it but having an experience of seeing through someone else’s eye is something good for a fresh start.

Please share your thoughts too! ☺


I wasn’t really sure of if I should be writing a post about what happened today but I did want to pass on the message, an important one for sure.

There are some things done very unconsciously. And I am trying to make a message here that, “Get conscious”.

During the break, I joined a league of happy faces, I thought I could just wave a hello. I did and they offered me to be seated. All is well and well. The after effect is what something I wasn’t expecting. The topic of discussion being totally irrelevant to you as if they did better off without you. Well, that could be possibly true but don’t make it too evident.

I understand that a conversion can be broken if a new person joins in. If it is an open discussion, give the context to the new person and involve him/her. If it isn’t an open one, make sure you as a group converse something which is generic so that no one feels out of place.

I am not here to complain. I am here to request that please make sure the person you are with, or someone who is in the same table as you, be not left out of place, consciously or unconsciously. If it is a deliberate effort and then go try. Because, that’s what you intended to. Remember, you’d be in that state you, sooner or later.

My head was HIT.

A very delightful sunday and this is how it was.

It begun with me breaking my fast with cheese and toasts. Yum. Buttered and caloried.

A miss it would be not to mention rainbow vanila Idly cakes. Thanks Pillsbury.

After finishing a little of the daily chores and winding up things. A lazy head in me preferred to stay still and do nothing. That’s what weekends are for. Aren’t they?

I instead signed up for the Quora question taking session. I announced it all over that I would be available to answer any kind of question coming my way provided that interest me to answer them. That was my set weekend agenda. Finishing “Freakonomics” took a toss. Am yet to finish. I hope I do sooner.

It was lunch time and mom made baby aalu curry. It was super yum. Along with that was radish sambhar, adding to the combination.

Afternoon nap was a must, but today I happened to skip it for I was charmed by the idea of home made Pani Puri.

The pani, was just right, a little of spice, a little of salt, a tiny sweetness. The fillers are to be praised too, chana, onions and potatoes. Such yummness that you can’t resist.

Packed things and ready to leave. Booked the cab and docked things. Hit a blow, on my head. Boom. Pained so hard that I’d prefer not to give out a cry.

Well, well. It was peace and then we rode back home.

People are doing amazing things.

Everyone around me, doing great things, like it was just meant to happen right for them, is a very illusionary. And knowing that very well, I assume that it is too true. This is happening because the pressure of an unsatisfied self in a not so comfortable space is trying to overlook its current state.

There is no dearth of talent and competition is always at the peak. It is totally hard to find the right mind set to be in when you are being pessimistic with yourself.

You always see what is shown to you. People are definitely trying to show you their best. That’s what all do. People by nature love to flaunt. There is no need to be worried about how well you aren’t doing when compared to them.

Take a pause. Recover. Get back thinking sane.

Everyone around you is having their own struggle. So, it is better not to judge yourself or anyone for that matter and just let be.

I can see content in some and frustrated aroma in others. It all depends on how you overcome it and focus your energy more on self realisation and improvement.

I can see people enjoying their selves. And I also see the same people just too bored of their lives. See the mismatched energy?

I feel stuck in life at times. As though, I can’t see any progress in front of me. It could be also because my definition of progress keeps changing from time to time. It could be achieving new goals or taking time out for hobbies or making a difference in people’s lives.

I guess, I’ll just take a dive in. Sublime in. Settle and just let the thoughts flow.