Photoscape | #16

Sun’s son and the moon’s daughter, an eclipse of the two to the marvel of the clouds, a scale of white and note of shine.

Photoscape | #15

A web to live in, have lived in, gave away the branch of desire and you’ll then be a leaflet’s charm. 

Photoscape | #14

A pile, little blue and white. Come and some, fly around, like the twirl in the wind.

Credits do mean a lot 

I always used to think, what’s there in the name! One should be recognised by the kind of the work that you do and by the name that you offer it.  I was ready to help out anyone in need without expecting back anything in return. Their happy faces is all what I wanted. But,…

World photographers day

Okay, let me be total honest. I have been doing mobile photography, a serious one,  for the past 2 years. I have carved my improved self and I take pride in the kind of photographer I am today. I follow no rules of photography and I click things I like and just the way they…

Photoscape | #10

This is what gearing up to start writing poetry again looks like.  A friend of mine wrote a message to me last evening that she plans to start writing again too after a long break that she took. Quite a long one of 3 years.  Reflecting on the kind of posts I have been putting…

A slot of poetry, yet again

A thing might fall short of two, if you let, I’ll speak of three. Once told, twice said, thrice repeated, A yet again thing of a reminder. I seek the voice of you, you seek the joy of me. What’s the connection, that question is sleak. The answer if you want to call for, would…

Photoscape | #9

A day with the clouds is a trailing mask of the passing reality. Stay with them, you’ll lose the purpose. If you let go, time will be a comrade.  – Anusha Sridharan | Undestined Pieces